Texas Rib Sammich

You could sit in the drive-thru, or you could fire up the grill. This sandwich is a BBQ World Champion’s answer to a fast-food cult classic, an elevation of a sandwich served in a box. Knowing how to create fall-off-the-bone ribs is key to this recipe, and we tell you how.

Doug Scheiding, Rogue Cookers

Together Doug Scheiding and his wife, Jennifer Talley, make up the Rogue Cookers Competition BBQ team. Doug and Jennifer cook exclusively on Traeger Pellet Grills. Head Country rubs and sauces have been a part of the Rogue Cookers arsenal since day one of their work as competitive cookers. Rogue Cookers won the Houston Rodeo World Championship (HLSR) in 2015, a 2nd and 4th Place in Brisket at the San Antonio Rodeo, and first place in Cook’s Choice Category at the Jack Daniel’s International Invitational, all using Head Country sauces, seasonings, and marinade. Doug is a Traeger BBQ Pro, a Head Country Brand Ambassador, and the Texas Embedded Correspondent to The BBQ Central Show.


For the sandwich:
2 racks of St. Louis-style ribs, about 3.5 lbs each
2 loaves of unsliced bread, about 9-10 inches long
Head Country Championship Seasoning, Original and High Plains Heat
1 20oz bottle of Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce, Apple Habanero or Sweet & Sticky

For Jen’s slaw:
12oz bag of shredded cabbage or slaw, no sauce
shredded carrots
1/3 C. chopped cilantro
3 limes, juiced
2 Tbsp. fish sauce
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
4 Scallions, diced
Jalapeno, 1/4 of the pepper, diced
Ginger, 1 chubby thumb’s worth, diced
Garlic, 2 cloves, diced


250-300 degrees F


About 6 hours


Follow this recipe for fall-off-the-bone spare ribs until the glaze. Note: Make sure to trim your rack of ribs to 10 bones.

While the ribs cook, make Jen’s Asian-Style Slaw. Add the bag of shredded cabbage or slaw with no sauce to a large bowl. Mix in a few shredded carrots and the chopped cilantro. In separate bowl, combine the juice of 3 limes, the fish sauce, the brown sugar, the scallons, the jalapeno, the ginger, and the garlic. Mix and pour over cabbage. Allow the slaw to stand while the flavors meld.

Before glazing, place ribs on a cutting board, meat side down. The bones should pull or twist out of the ribs. Depending on the rack, be sure to also remove any extra cartilage. If the bones do not pull out, use a knife to make a cut on either side of the bone, then pull.

Glaze the boneless ribs with the glaze in the fall-off-the-bone spare rib recipe (linked above), or use any of the Head Country sauces—we like Apple Habanero and Sweet & Sticky. Place the ribs back on the grill for 5 minutes, meat side up.

Take the juice from the foil used to wrap the ribs and place in a fat separator. Pour the juice (au jus) on the inside of the top and bottom buns. If don’t have a large loaf, just use the same procedure on hamburger buns and then cut the ribs to fit, being sure to leave extra rib meat to overlap the sides.

Place ribs on bottom bun and heap slaw onto ribs. Add any Head Country sauce to the buns, too, or just pour a bit directly onto the slaw.

Take a few pictures as the #phoneeatsfirst. Enjoy!