Pulled Pork with Sugar Free BBQ Sauce  

by Doug Scheiding, Rogue Cookers

Personally I prefer big butts of about 9 lbs as they fit nicely into the half pans when you wrap and the cooking time is about the same as a 12 lb Brisket for smoking both for overnight cooks.  This recipe is perfect for those people watching their sugar and/or carbs.  

275 °F

  12-15 hrs


9 lb Pork Butt Deep Red in Color (Bone In)

Canola (Or Grapeseed or Avocado Oil)

Head Country Original Championship Seasoning

Head Country Sugar Free BBQ Sauce


Step 1. Trim off as much of the fat cap as possible on the bottom.  On the top trim off the pockets of fat as well.  Remove as much now to help eliminate the need to remove when you are pulling it after the cook.

Step 2. Start your grill to a temperature of 225 Degrees (if a smaller butt and cooking overnight use a temperature of 200)

Step 3. While the Grill is heating up, put Canola Oil on the bottom side and then sprinkle with a medium to heavy coat  Original.

Step 4. Flip the Butt and repeat (Canola oil, Heavy Coat of Original).  Don’t forget to do the sides with at least one of the rubs.  

Step 5. Put the Butt on the Grill.  Spritz with Apple Juice periodically to keep surface moist

Step 6. Smoke 10-12 hours depending on size (higher temp for shorter cooks) until internal temperature is approximately 155-170.  Color should be a deep mahagony.

Step 7. Place the Pork Butt into a half sized aluminum pan.  Add some moisture – 3-4 oz such as apple juice, chicken stock, or coke.   Cover with one sheet of alum foil.

Step 8. Place back on the grill and turn the temperature up to 275 (higher for less time)

Step 9. Cook to an internal temperature of 198-202.  Take off grill and let rest for approximately 2 hours.   Do not let the steam out.  

Step 10. When ready to pull take the butt out of the pan and onto a cutting board.  Pour the juice from the pan into a fat separator (if you don’t have one use a cup – pour or skim off the fat from the top).  Mix 1 cup of the Au Jus and 1 cup of Sugar Free Head Country BBQ sauce in bowl.   Heat this to lukewarm.  

Step 11. Put the pork butt back in the pan and pull getting out any remaining fat.  Pour the BBQ sauce/Au Jus mixture over the pulled pork to your preference.  Enjoy.