Smoked Queso Blanco 

by Doug Scheiding, Rogue Cookers 

Queso is a basic food group for me.  I have been cooking variations of this recipe for  many years, and it is always a hit at parties. This version uses a lot of fresh  ingredients.  The cream of mushroom with garlic is the key ingredient to prevent the  Queso from thickening as it cools down leaving you more time to mingle. 

350 °F

1 hour


Block of Queso Blanco with Jalapenos

 16 oz of Oxaca Mexican Cheese (shredded) 

1 Cup Chopped Cherubs / Cherry Tomatoes 

2 Roasted Poblanos Chopped – skin off

2 Cups of 505 Green Chilis from Jar 

1 White Onion Chopped 

10 oz can of Cream Mushroom & Garlic 

16 oz package of Smoked Hickory Breakfast Sausage 

2 Tablespoons of Head Country Original Championship Seasoning 


Step 1. In a medium cast iron skillet, fully cook the Hickory Smoked Pork Sausage and  chopped white onion.  Break up the sausage into small pieces. Drain the excess  grease.  While this is cooking roast poblanos using a small torch.  Put them into a  bag to sweat.  Grate the Oxaca Cheese (if you are able Cold Smoke the Oxaca before  grating like with a smoke tube).  Chop the Cherubs into 6-8 small chunks each.  

Step 2. Start your smoker at 350 F.  Use a 5 quart cast iron Dutch oven if on the grill or use  Pyrex for microwave oven (Note: if cooking this way you miss out on the smoky  goodness but people will still love it.) Divide the block of Queso Blanco into large  chunks.  Add the tomatoes, green chilis, poblanos, and canned soup.  Add cooked meat/onion mix and the 2 Tbsp of Head Country Original Championship Seasoning last.   

Step 3. Smoke the Queso for 60 minutes on the grill at 350 stirring every 15 minutes or in  the microwave heat for 3-4 minutes at a time until melted and stir each time.