Better than Fried Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey

by Doug Scheiding, Rogue Cookers

I always used to fry turkeys but started looking for another option due to the safety reasons,   I then went to using infrared fryer and it just was not quite as good.  The injected, Spatchcocked (butterflied) and Smoked turkey is the best was to go.  This cooks evenly, creates great smoke flavor, and is very moist.  

325-350 °F

4 Hours


14-16 lb Turkey 

Head Country Championship Seasoning 

16 oz Tony Chacheres Creole Butter Injection

16 oz Tony Chacheres Butter & Jalapeno Injection

Hardwood  Pecan or Hickory

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray


Step 1. I prefer young fresh Turkeys from my local butcher but if your Turkey is frozen just thaw slowly in the refrigerator for 4-5 days (remember freeze fast and thaw slowly).  Be sure to take out the neck and giblets. If you get it from your local butcher have them cut the backbone out for you and skip step #2.  

Step 2. The hardest step is to spatchcock or butterfly the Turkey.  You will need a really good pair of kitchen shears such as MannKitchen, OXO, Cutco, Shun, etc.  On a large cutting board or counter wrapped in aluminum foil, turn the turkey so the backbone is facing up legs closest to you.  Cut both sides of the backbone as far as you can and then rotate the bird.  Continue until you cut the entire backbone out.  Use the shears to clean up any excess skin.  Flip the turkey and push down on the breast to flatten the turkey.  (Hint: There are multiple videos on YouTube demonstrating this technique). 

Step 3. Move the Turkey to a large 16 x 12 aluminum pan.  Mix the two containers of Tony Chacheres together.  Inject 3 tubes in each leg, 1-2 in the thigh, 1-2 tubes in the wings, and the rest in the breast area of the turkey.  Be sure to use all of it. 

Step 4. Put a medium coat of Championship Seasoning  on both sides.  

Step 5. Move the turkey to a grill preheated to 325-350 F.  Put the breast end towards the back.  Use additional rub to cover up any spots that come off during this process.  

Step 6. Every 30 minutes lightly spray the skin with I can’t believe its butter.  

Step 7. After 2 hours rotate the Turkey 180 degrees so the breast faces the front.  Wrap the wing tips and the end of the legs with alum foil.  Of course take off the foil for you’re spectacular #phoneeatsfirst IG photos.

Step 8. Continue to Spritz lightly on the 30 minute intervals.  Pull the Turkey when the breast reaches 165 degrees.  Don’t be alarmed if the legs are 175 or higher.   

Step 9. Let it Rest for about 10 minutes to cool. Carve (legs, wings then breast) and Enjoy.