Head Country Texas Beef Short Ribs

by Doug Scheiding, Rogue Cookers

Texas Style Beef Ribs or often called Brisket on a Stick are a mainstay in Texas BBQ.  Louie Mueller’s in Taylor, TX popularized them in response to Aaron Franklin’s Best Brisket on the Planet.   Louie’s, Killen’s, Truth, and Hay’s County have some of the best in Texas.  This recipe is your guide to creating them in your backyard.

250-275 °F

4-5 Hours


1 Package of Beef Plate Short Ribs

Head Country Marinade

Head Country The Original Championship Seasoning

Head Country Original

Black Pepper

8 oz Apple Juice for Spritzing


Step 1. Purchase a package of UNCUT Plate Short Ribs (not Chuck Ribs) from your favorite grocer or butcher store – recommended Prime or Choice quality.  Usually 4-6 lbs per rack of 3 bones.  Chuck Ribs aren’t as meaty. 

Step 2. Remove from the package and trim as much fat and silverskin on the top (meat side) as possible with a very sharp filet knife to expose the meat.  Do Not Remove the membrane from the bottom side – keep it in place to help hold the ribs together. 

Step 3. Pre-heat your Smoker to 250-275 F degrees – 250 for lower weight and 275 for higher (you can use higher temperature if you have less time up to 325).  

Step 4. Starting with the bone side, coat with Head Country Marinade before putting on a Medium Dusting of Head Country Original Championship Seasoning.  Then put a coat of Original followed by a sprinkling of fresh ground Black Pepper.  Flip and repeat on the meat side.  Spritz lightly with apple juice to increase the rub absorption into the meat.

Step 5. Place on the Grill meat side up.  Smoke the ribs for 4-5 hours depending on weight with a light spritz every 30 minutes to keep slightly moist until internal temperature reaches of the meat is around 170 F degrees.  Adjust Temperature as needed.  

Step 6. At 170-180 degrees internal, wrap the ribs in aluminum foil and be sure to add some beef broth, apple or brisket juice.  Smoker temperature should be 275 degrees.  

Step 7. Monitor the internal temperature over next hour or so. Pull around 203 degrees internal.   Remove and cut.  Serve immediately after taking a few pictures.  (Note if you want to harden the bark remove from foil at 198 for the last 3-5 degrees of smoking).  

This Recipe was provided by Pitmaster Doug Scheiding of Rogue Cookers.