Air Fried Chicken

by Doug Scheiding, Rogue Cookers

This is a throwdown winning recipe, which highlights the spicy sweetness of the Head Country Rubs.  This recipe can be used with any Air Fryer although I happen to have a GoWise 5.8 QT and I can fit 5 thighs comfortably in the tray.  If you have not purchased one yet – do it and get as large of one as you can afford.   

380 °F

20 Minutes


Package of 8-10 Chicken Thighs

     Should be about 3.75 to 4.25 lbs

     Preferably Young / fresh

Canola Oil

Head County Original Rub


Step 1. Chicken Prep:  Pull a thigh out of the package and turn over to the bottom.  Use your kitchen shears to cut into a rectangle to remove excess skin.  Cut off the round part of the thigh bone.  Flip over and cut off any remaining meat that is exposed.  Repeat.  


Step 2. Get a large cookie sheet out and place 4-5 thighs on the sheet.  Turn over.  Coat with Canola Oil.  Apply layer of Original Rub.  Flip and repeat.  To make the skin crispier air dry for 2-4 hours.  If you want to hold the skin  down for better presentation use steel turkey lacer pins – 2 per thigh parallel to bone.


Step 3. Place seasoned thighs into the air fryer (no flour needed).   If they touch that is fine.  Cook in the Air Fryer at 380 Degrees for 16 minutes.  Test chicken temperature with instaread thermometer to make sure 170 degrees plus.  Use you pig tail to extract from air fryer and put on a plate.  Let cool for 3-5 minutes and then serve.