Smoked Pork Shoulder

Difficulty: Medium. Prep Time: 40 minutes. Cook Time: 5-6 hours.


1 Whole Bone-In Pork Shoulder (5-7 pounds)
8-10 oz. Head Country Championship Seasoning
Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce for serving




5-6 hrs


*This recipe is for a wood-burning smoker. If preparing in an electric or pellet smoker, follow temperature instructions and prepare according to your equipment.

1. Build a fire with 5lbs of hardwood charcoal and pecan wood. If you can range the heat it should read 275°. Allow fire to heat cooking chamber for 30 minutes. Fire should preferably be 10-12 inches below the rack that will hold the meat.
2. Prep the Pork: While the chamber is heating, season all sides of the pork shoulder completely and generously with the Head Country Championship Seasoning (approximately 8-10 oz.)
3. Place pork shoulder uncovered on rack and smoke for two hours at 275°
4. Pull pork off rack, wrap tightly in foil and cook for another 3-4 hours until tender or as desired. After wrapping, you may also choose to place in oven at 275°.
5. When done, pull apart and remove excess fat. Add desired amount of Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce for serving – we recommend a sauce/meat ratio of 1:2. If it seems too dry, add more sauce. Enjoy!