Smoked Pork Belly with Sweet & Sticky BBQ Sauce Glaze

We’re seeing pork belly more and more on the menus of our favorite BBQ joints. We’re cooking it at home, too—it’s an easy cook on your smoker or grill, and a seriously tasty treat. The meat-to-fat ratio is ideal for both crisping and juicy smoked meat, making this cut the perfect choice for dishes like ramen.

225 degrees F


5 hours


Preheat your grill or smoker to 225 degrees F. If using a charcoal grill, set up the coals for indirect-heat cooking (stack the coals on one side of the bottom of the grill, or divide the coals and create a stack on both sides). If using a gas grill, light just half the burners.

Rub the pork belly generously with canola oil. Season liberally and on all sides with Head Country Original Championship Seasoning. If you’d like a bit of kick, wait 15 minutes and then season with a light dusting of Head Country Championship Seasoning in High Plains Heat.

Add seasoned pork belly to the preheated smoker or grill, placing meat anywhere on the grill that isn’t directly over your heat source.

Cook the pork belly to an internal temperature of 170 degrees F, spritzing with apple juice every 45 minutes to add moisture and to help form a bark.

Add the pork belly to an aluminum pan. Add liquid—chicken broth, apple juice, or a few ounces of real-sugar dark soda all work. Cook pork belly until the temperature reaches 205 degrees F, about 4.5-5 hours.

Remove pork belly from the foil pan and place back in the smoker or on the grill, away from your heat source. Brush pork belly with your favorite flavor of Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce. Allow sauce to set over indirect heat, 5-7 minutes, making sure to not let the sugars in the sauce burn.

Remove the pork belly to a cutting board. Slice pork belly for ramen or sandwiches, or pull for tacos and nachos. Enjoy!