Pulled Pork Egg In the Basket Sandwich



Medium Heat


10 Minutes


  1. Preheat outdoor griddle to medium heat.
  2. Take 6 slices of bread and  remove the middle so your egg has a basket. We suggest using a circular cookie cuter or the rim of a small glass.
  3. Add 6 slices of Swiss cheese directly to your griddle, then add the 6 slices of bread, and then add 6 eggs into each bread basket. Season eggs with Head Country Championship Seasoning  The Original.
  4. Once the cheese is crispy, flip the slices of cheese bread and egg.
  5. Meanwhile added pre-made pulled pork to griddle to reheat. Add Head Country The Original Bar-B- Q Sauce.
  6.   Once egg is cooked to preferred doneness, add pulled pork and top with a second slice.
  7. Cut each sandwich in half and serve with Head Country The Original Bar-B- Q Sauce