Green Chili Cheese Burgers

Doug Scheiding, Rogue BBQ Cookers

Together Doug Scheiding and his wife, Jennifer Talley, make up the Rogue Cookers Competition BBQ team. Doug and Jennifer cook exclusively on Traeger Pellet Grills. Head Country rubs and sauces have been a part of the Rogue Cookers arsenal since day one of their work as competitive cookers. Rogue Cookers won the Houston Rodeo World Championship (HLSR) in 2015, a 2nd and 4th Place in Brisket at the San Antonio Rodeo, and first place in Cook’s Choice Category at the Jack Daniel’s International Invitational, all using Head Country sauces, seasonings, and marinade. Doug is a Traeger BBQ Pro, a Head Country Brand Ambassador, and the Texas Embedded Correspondent to The BBQ Central Show.


Prepackaged 8 oz Burger Patties (80/20)
Head Country Original Championship Seasoning
Ground Pepper (optional)
Monterey Jack Cheese (Shredded) Serves 4+
Green Chiles (New Mexico or 505)
Head Country Hot & Spicy Sauce
Condiments – Onions, Pickles, Tomatoes, Lettuce, etc.


450-500 degrees


30 minutes


Burgers need to be simple and have the right meat-to-bun ratio. Buy the smaller buns, not larger. Also, make sure the meat is 80/20. A griddle is a must on all grills as it helps to keep the burger together and helps with caramelization at the same time.

1. I prefer to buy burgers already in 8-oz patties (prevents over-working the meat, keeps them flatter, and I also believe that the interior should be meat only for binding purposes). If you buy a package of ground meat, gently roll into 8-oz patties.

2. Separate the burgers on an aluminum pan. Put a small, concave dimple in the center of the patty with your thumb (prevents center from popping up during cooking). Add a light coating of Original Seasoning and then dust with ground black pepper. Flip with a spatula and repeat. Put back in the refrigerator while you start the fire/grill.

3. Get the grill temperature up to 450-500 degrees with a cast iron griddle on top of the grates. If you have grill grates, you can also flip them over to the flat side up. Remove shredded cheese from the refrigerator.

4. Place burgers directly on the griddle with a spatula. Flip burgers after 8 minutes. Repeat and flip again after 8 minutes. Continue until the internal burger temperature is 150 degrees.

5. Prep and organize your condiments. Chop the onions, tomatoes (I prefer Roma), lettuce, etc. Toast the buns with butter, if you like.

6. Flip the burgers one more time. Place a healthy amount of shredded cheese on each burger, then place green chiles on top. Cover with a large aluminum pan, placing it over over the griddle and hamburgers. Leave covered for 4-5 minutes.

7. Build your burger from the bottom up. I prefer ketchup on the bottom bun, with a small piece of lettuce (so the bun does not get soggy), cheeseburger, tomato, onions, pickles, and mustard on the top bun. Use Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce as desired.