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Backyard BBQ Hosting Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a 4th of July Backyard BBQ Party

Backyard BBQ parties are easy with these planners for food, patio set-up, drinks, games, and entertainment.

3 2 1 Rib Method | 3 2 1 Ribs with Dr. Pepper and Honey BBQ Sauce Glaze

How to Cook Ribs Using the 3 2 1 Method

The 3-2-1 method is one of the easiest ways to cook up a few racks of ribs. It’s practically foolproof and offers delicious results.

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Backyard BBQ

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Backyard BBQ

Hosting the perfect backyard BBQ doesn’t begin and end with the food—though that’s certainly a delicious place to start. The backyard BBQ is the essence of the season, all wrapped up in one glorious get-together with friends and family. Burgers and brats. Fireflies. Staying up late. The kids playing horseshoes with their favorite cousins. And, […]

Bacon Blue Cheese Cowboy Hot Dog Grilling Recipe for Summer

12 Things You Can Make With BBQ Sauce

The barbecue is over. Your guests have headed home. Much BBQ sauce was consumed. There’s a little left in the last bottle—not enough for a rack of ribs or a batch of pulled pork, but still too much to toss. After all, any amount of BBQ sauce is too much to toss. What can be […]

At what temperature are ribs done, how to make fall off the bone ribs

Mistakes to Avoid with your Next Rack of BBQ Ribs

Whether you want to make fall off the bone ribs, go competition style, or smoke the perfect backyard rack, these are the mistakes you’ll want to avoid—plus, at what temperature are ribs done and our favorite BBQ ribs recipes.

Taco Tuesday Recipes for BBQ Fans | Facts about tacos, taco facts

Why We Love Tacos (And You Should, Too)

It’s no secret, really. We love tacos. Just in the U.S. alone, we ate 4.5 billion of them last year. Here are a few we enjoyed the most, which has become our go-to roster of Taco Tuesday recipes. We top each one, of course, with plenty of BBQ sauce. We threw in some fun taco facts, too, for added flavor.

The Best Meats to Grill

Give us enough time and we can figure out how to grill it. Trust us, with 75 years of experience under our belt, we’ve done the legwork here. Of course, just because you can grill something doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best meats to grill. There’s grilled chicken, seared steaks, smoky pork chops, flame-kissed shrimp […]

Classic BBQ Chicken Halves

The Birds and the Bees: This Honey BBQ Chicken is amazing with these 21 pro BBQer tips

No backyard BBQ is complete without the chicken. BBQ chicken, with its smoky flavor and sweet-and-savory glaze, is a reliable crowd pleaser. Plus, it pairs perfectly with all the classic BBQ sides: baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, mac and cheese, and greens. Classic BBQ meats like spare ribs and brisket can be intimidating, especially […]

Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce

Our Favorite Recipes for Sweet BBQ Sauce Lovers

The word “BBQ” never means just one thing. BBQ has always been a hyper-local cuisine, a hallmark of a particular time and place. In Kansas City, BBQ means sweet rubs and plenty of rich, thick, sweet tomato-based sauce. The Carolinas are famous for their whole hogs and vinegar and mustard-based sauces. Memphis-style grew around ribs […]

BBQ Cheese Stuffed Bacon Meatloaf | Smoked meatloaf, bbq meatloaf recipe, meatloaf smoker recipes

Our favorite meatloaf recipes: Smoke it, bake it, make it low-carb, and last but not least—the Meatloaf Sandwich

The first recorded recipe for the modern American meatloaf is from the late 1870s. Back then, meatloaf was for breakfast—yes, breakfast. We’d never argue with a slice of meatloaf topped with runny eggs as an eye-opener. But it’s beyond us to turn down a meatloaf dinner with all the trimmings. To say that meatloaf is […]