BBQ in the produce aisle

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Whether it’s Meatless Monday or just time to take a break from the meat-centered meal (and the sky-rocketing prices that go with them), it’s nice to know that we don’t have to give up the flavors we love.

Far from it. We’re talking BBQ smoked brussels sprouts, crisped with a glaze of our Apple Habanero sauce. Tacos piled high with all your favorite toppings, with a backbone of saucy shredded jackfruit. And the Keto Smoked Buffalo Cauliflower recipe we got from World Champion BBQer Doug Scheiding? Incredible on its own, as a stir-in in the Creamy Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese recipe (below), or on top of a cheesy homemade pizza. Drizzle it with sauce, if you’d like. (And we would.)

Not all these dishes are vegetarian, but they do feature a veggie front and center. And for lovers of real food, these produce-aisle wonders deliver.

BBQ Jackfruit Tacos
BBQ Jackfruit Tacos

What it is: Jackfruit shreds like pulled chicken, pork, or beef, and loves to party with jalapeno, radish, and your favorite flavor of our Bar-B-Q sauce.
Why we love it: We love the jackfruit tacos at the food truck, and we couldn’t wait to sauce them up.
Uses: Any of our seasoning, any sauce
FULL RECIPE: BBQ Jackfruit Tacos

Black bean burger
Black Bean Burger with Caramelized BBQ Onions

What it is: Don’t think of these black bean burgers as a substitute for a burger of the bovine variety. This sandwich, served up on a toasted bun and with plenty of your favorite flavor of Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce, holds its own without the comparison.
Why we love it: We love the satisfying crust that forms on the pan-fried patties and the rich, smoky flavor of the BBQ caramelized onions.
Uses: Any Seasoning, any sauce
FULL RECIPE: Black Bean Burgers with Caramelized BBQ Onions

BBQ Glazed Smoked Brussels Sprouts | How to grill brussels sprouts, grilled brussels sprouts, how to cook brussels sprouts on the grill
BBQ Glazed Smoked Brussels Sprouts

What it is: Add zest to your line-up of side dishes with these sweet-and-savory glazed Brussels sprouts on the grill.
Why we love it: Everyone comes back for seconds—for a veggie! Imagine.
Uses: Original Seasoning, Apple Habanero sauce
FULL RECIPE: BBQ Glazed Smoked Brussels Sprouts

Keto Smoked Buffalo Cauliflower
Keto Smoked Buffalo Cauliflower

What it is: Combining buffalo wing sauce and smoke turns cauliflower from underestimated veggie into a delectable dish.
Why we love it: These heads of smoked cauliflower come off the grill glowing, making them perfect for the family get-together or that next neighborhood block party.
Uses: High Plains Heat Seasoning, Sugar Free sauce
FULL RECIPE: Keto Smoked Buffalo Cauliflower

Air Fryer Potato Chips with Parmesan & BBQ Ranch
Air Fryer Potato Chips with Parmesan & BBQ Ranch

What it is: If you’ve never had a warm, homemade potato chip, here’s how you can fix that right now. Plus, you’ll get to play with your air fryer.
Why we love it: A dusting of parmesan and some BBQ ranch dipping sauce on the side make these chips seriously craveable.
Uses: Our Sweet & Spicy Seasoning, our Original Sauce
FULL RECIPE: Air Fryer Potato Chips with Parmesan & BBQ Ranch

Roasted Cauliflower "Mac" & Cheese
Roasted Cauliflower “Mac” & Cheese

What it is: Your favorite comfort-food pasta dish, with the versatile cauliflower swapped in for the noodles.
Why we love it: This creamy, savory, veggie dish hits all those mac-and-cheese buttons. Pairs well with all your BBQ favorites while kicking carbs to the curb.
Uses: Original Seasoning
FULL RECIPE: Roasted Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese

Creamy BBQ Potato Soup with Smoked Bacon and Candied Jalapenos
Creamy BBQ Potato Soup with Smoked Bacon and Candied Jalapeños

What it is: A loaded baked-potato soup with a kick courtesy of sweet, crispy jalapenos.
Why we love it: When it’s time to cozy up, nothing quite satisfies like this warming, filling, creamy crowd-pleaser.
Uses: Original seasoning, Original sauce
FULL RECIPE: Creamy BBQ Potato Soup with Smoked Bacon and Candied Jalapenos

Stuffed And Loaded Avocado | Bacon, Cheese, BBQ, And Avocado | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes
Stuffed Avocado

Why it is: Yeah, these are loaded with bacon, but it’s the fresh, cooling flavor of avocado that takes center stage in this dish.
Why we love it: Avocado halves, hollowed of their pits, make the perfect vessel to pile high with cheese—and don’t forget the drizzling sauce.
Uses: Original sauce
FULL RECIPE: Stuffed Avocado

Cheesy BBQ Bacon Cauliflower | Best BBQ Sauce Recipe Using Vegetables | Cook For One With Tasty Ingredients
Cheesy BBQ Bacon Cauliflower

What it is: The creamy, smoky flavor of grilled cauliflower takes centerstage here.
Why we love it: Loaded with toppings, this bowl is satisfying like a big baked potato—and that cheese pull? You’ll want to ‘gram it.
Uses: Original sauce
FULL RECIPE: Cheesy BBQ Bacon Cauliflower