How To Make Your Thanksgiving A BBQ Feast

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We know this time of the year is meant for friends and family, for food and fun–but we also know that it can be stressful when it comes to putting together that big meal—figuring out how long to smoke a turkey, which sides to serve, when to have everything ready to eat, and the list goes on.

You might find yourself asking questions like “What will the kids eat?” or “How am I going to make sure everyone’s happy with the food?”

When it comes to bringing everyone together, it’s important to provide options upon options for your Thanksgiving meal—and we’re here to help.

Here’s our list of our favorite recipes that we know will add a flare to your Thanksgiving line-up. These BBQ appetizers, sides dishes, and main-course favorites are unique, tasty, and comforting—perfect for a gathering of friends, family, and good food.

How Long to Smoke a Barbecue Turkey

BBQ Turkey | Classic Barbecue Recipes | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes | Thanksgiving Dinner Holiday Turkey

First things first, folks: The turkey. This Oven Baked Barbecue Turkey recipe gives a step-by-step guide to making the best Thanksgiving Turkey you’ve ever tasted—or seen (can you say #ThatHeadCountryGlow?). It’s classic, it’s spicy, and best of it, it’s simple. Dig into the seasoned goodness of this turkey after just a few hours of getting juicy in the oven.

How to Dress Up Easy Barbecue Baked Beans

Head Country Easy Baked Barbecue Beans Full Flavor Bold Baked Beans | Stove Top BBQ

Everyone knows baked beans are amongst the ultimate BBQ side dishes. Even if you’re not doing a full-on BBQ theme this Thanksgiving, these beans make a warm, comforting, homey side dish for any Thanksgiving spread. Skip the canned baked beans and go for these Head Country BBQ Baked Beans—so easy to make. Simply combine everything on the ingredients list and simmer on the stove.

Why You Should Roasted Your Potatoes for Potato Salad

Oven Roasted Barbecue Potato Salad | Best BBQ Recipes

We love this chopped, chunky BBQ Potato Salad recipe for picnics and Thanksgiving spreads alike. We specify in this recipe to roast your potatoes rather than boil them, and trust us—it’s what makes the magic happen. Roasting creates a crispy, and textured outcome, and it’s divine.

Spicy Side Idea: BBQ Chicken and Macaroni Salad

Baked BBQ Chicken And Macaroni Salad With Celery, Red Onions, Bell Peppers | Best Macaroni Chicken Salad

If you’ve never made a loaded BBQ Macaroni Salad, definitely opt for this one. It’s cool, creamy texture is the perfect foil for a smoked turkey, and it plays well with traditional sides like green beans and mashed potatoes.

For Vegetarians This Thanksgiving: Pulled BBQ Carrots

BBQ Pulled Carrots | Best Meat Alternatives For Barbecued Foods

Thanks to Samantha at Go French Yourself, we have a delicious recipe for Pulled BBQ Carrots, a vegetarian offering that can be used in the placed of pulled meat. It’s a genius switch-up, and it’s yummy, too. Serve as a main or as a side.

A Recipe for a Slow-Cooker Thanksgiving Turkey

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast | Best BBQ Holiday Recipes | Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Recipes

Since it braises in the slow cooker, this recipe for turkey offers time to work on the other dishes in your spread (or spend time with friends and family—imagine that!). Throw in some rosemary and cranberries for serving on this Slow Cooker Turkey Breast, and drizzle it with Apple Habanero Sauce as a final touch.

Refresh A Classic With These Skillet Sweet Potatoes

Head Country Sweet And Spicy Sweet Potatoes | Rib Rub Used For Vegetables In Skillet

Sweet potatoes may be a classic Thanksgiving side dish, but as with all classics, they can use a jolt of re-imagination to make them fresh and exciting again. These Skillet Sweet Potatoes are seriously good, and super simple. They take just 15 minutes to fry up, and they’ll be on everybody’s plate. Be sure to make plenty.

Skip the Canned Corn for Thanksgiving, Grill This Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

Mexican Street Corn Elote With Cohita Cheese, Cilantro, Lime, And Head Country Seasoning | Fajita Seasoning Best BBQ Recipes | Tailgate or Labor Day Cookout Ideas

This buttery, spicy Mexican Street Corn recipe will be a delightful departure from corn on the cob or canned corn. Added bonus: it smells amazing, with an aroma that sets the tone for a party to remember.

Thanksgiving Side-Dish Hero: Cheesy BBQ Bacon Cauliflower

Cheesy BBQ Bacon Cauliflower | Best BBQ Sauce Recipe Using Vegetables | Cook For One With Tasty Ingredients

Four words: Cheesy. BBQ. Bacon. Cauliflower. Consider doubling the recipe so there is plenty of this warming, comforting recipe to go ahead—worst-case scenario, you will have leftovers, and we would play those odds any day.

Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Brown Sugar BBQ Apple Pie (Plus How to Make Pie Crust)

Brown Sugar BBQ Apple Pie | Creative Pies With BBQ Sauce | Best BBQ Holiday Recipes | BBQ Dessert

Last but most definitely NOT least, is the pie. And this isn’t just any pie, but a Brown Sugar BBQ Apple Pie. Yes, we put BBQ sauce in a pie—definitely don’t knock it ’til you try it. It’s delicious with whipped cream and cinnamon ice cream.

Have a Happy, Head Country Thanksgiving.

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